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(Veronique) (Lindy Kriek) (StillPicture) (PC Benade)  (CarmenVisser) (Lizelle Lotter)

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LilyBlue Real Wedding - Julie

(John Armstrong)

LilyBlue Real Wedding - Marzanne


LilyBlue Real Weddings - Carin, Mia, Yvette, Christin, Ingrid en Lindy 

A mix of six

LilyBlue Real Wedding - Carmona





LilyBlue Real Wedding - Tania Henn


LilyBlue Real Wedding - Madri


LilyBlue Real Wedding - Marie Wessels

(Wil Punt)

LilyBlue Real Wedding - Rozanna

Charl Smith)

LilyBlue Real Wedding - Jeanne

(Lizelle Lotter)LilyBlue Real Wedding - Anje

 (Lizelle Lotter) 


LilyBlue Real Wedding - Zahn LilyBlue Real Wedding - ChrisnaLilyBlue Real Wedding - GrethaLilyBlue Real Wedding - EloiseLilyBlue Real Wedding - FranitaLilyBlue Real Wedding - YolandeLilyBlue Real Wedding - AnnemarieLilyBlue Real Wedding - LindieLilyBlue Real Wedding - Leonie     LilyBlue Real Wedding - Sandre

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LilyBlue Real Wedding - Leigh MilesLilyBlue Real Wedding - Karin BesterLilyBlue Real Wedding - Kim MainLilyBlue Real Wedding - YvetteLilyBlue Real Wedding - YolandaLilyBlue Real Wedding - SamLilyBlue Real Wedding - GerdiaLilyBlue Real Wedding - Carla LilyBlue Real Bride - Lize

(Focus Photography)   (Lindie Nel)   (Ig Nothnagel(CharleneShreuder) Lizelle Lotter) (Drikus le Roux) (Helene Viljoen) (Picturess)       (Jani B


Sometimes, our favourite brides will send us beautiful images of their wedding day and allow us to share their special moments. Hint: To hear what our special Brides have to say - please see our Testimonials page.

Find inspiration in the slideshows below - photographers are listed beneath the Bride.  Click Play and Enjoy!

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