LilyBlue - Wedding Jewellery and Accessories

From Bling and Bold to understated and classic! Something New is a range that opens up the imagination to the possibilities of complementing your dress and your style.

We have a large selection of pieces to choose from, and all pieces can be strung in your particular colour of choice.

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Something New  - Designer Wedding Jewellery & Accessories


LilyBlue Crystal Necklace MyDay 2010

LilyBlue Crystal Necklace

LilyBlue Handmade Vine Wedding Hairpiece - Flexible

Handmade Vine Hairpiece - Flexible fit!

LilyBlue Pearl Hairpiece

Hairpiece with Bling and Pearls

LilyBlue Handmade Flower Garter

Wedding Garters

LilyBlue Multistring crystal and pearl necklaces and Earrings

LilyBlue Multi-string crystal and pearl necklaces

LilyBlue Fabulous Feather Flower 

Fabulous Feather  Flower




LilyBlue Wedding Cake Jewellery Dressing

"Cake Dressing"

LilyBlue Pearl and Crystal Vines 

Dress Jewellery

LilyBlue medium freshwater pearls with smokey or clear crystals on an extendable chain clasp(1-String) 

Adjustable Bracelet

LilyBlue Vintage Wedding Earring

Wedding Earring







LilyBlue Diamante Chandelier earrings with crystals and freshwater pearls

 Diamante Chandelier with crystals and pearls

LilyBlue earrings with pearls cascading on Silver chain. 

LilyBlue pearls cascading on silver chain Earring

LilyBlue Silver chain earrings with crystals and freshwater pearls 

Pearl (2) Wedding Bracelet

LilyBlue Sterling Silver chain with cascading pearl and crystals Earring

LilyBlue Silver chain with cascading pearl and crystals

LilyBlue Pearl and Cluster Earring - Very Dainty 

LilyBlue Miniature Crystal drop with Pearl cluster